Find beautiful skin without tired eyes or skin imperfections

beautiful skin without tired eyes or skin imperfections

What is a skin rejuvenation program?

Skin aging is a natural process that starts around the age of 25. It first manifests itself in the appearance of fine lines, which over time will become wrinkles.

The visible signs of skin aging are also observed through the sagging of the skin, the loss of tissue density, the appearance of pigment spots, the emergence of bags under the eyes or the presence of marked dark circles.

A skin rejuvenation program can delay this process and quickly and effectively reduce all kinds of skin imperfections for a guaranteed rejuvenation.

There are internal and external causes explaining the aging of the skin. Some of these factors can even cause premature aging.

The internal causes of aging

The blood supply to the skin decreases, thus causing a loss of nutrient and oxygen supply, essential for cell renewal.

Genetics is an important factor in defining our phototype and our skin type. Some skins will be more sensitive to the sun, to the cold or more easily dehydrated. This is why it is essential to adapt your care and your treatments to your skin problems for a guaranteed result.

The hygiene of life plays a big role in the hydration of tissues and the regeneration of cells. A restful sleep is essential and it is advisable to promote a diet rich in antioxidants for an overall prevention of the skin aging process.

External causes of aging

Excessive sun exposure without adequate sun protection accelerates skin aging. It is therefore essential to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays with, for example, one of the latest photoprotective technologies from Mesoesthetic .

Pollution and unfavorable climatic conditions (such as cold or sun) are aggravating factors of skin aging causing dehydration and acceleration of oxidative stress.

An insufficient skincare routine will cause the aging process to accelerate. Caring for and treating your skin in the proper way can slow down the appearance of fine lines on the face, wrinkles under the eyes or even slackening of the tissues.

What are the existing solutions to treat skin aging?

The Enlighten laser from Cutera thus manages to remove or fade almost all stains, regardless of their color, depth, location or age.

This state-of-the-art technology offers 3 wavelengths for treatment of all skin imperfections by destroying spots through a photo-mechanical effect:

With its triple action, this avant-garde machine offers both skin rejuvenation (for deep wrinkles and scars) and treatment of colored areas (dark circles or melasma).

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