What is the best complementary health according to the profile?

best complementary health according to the profile

Depending on the age, the level of guarantee, the necessary expenses, the price of the contract will be impacted. A person may have an illness that requires hospitalization every month or may need expensive dental treatment . It is for this reason that an offer may be more suitable for a senior person than for a young person.

What is the health insurance with the best quality/price ratio for a senior?

For a senior, the care to be prescribed will be more numerous and more expensive, which generally explains a higher level of contribution. For example, excess fees in the field of dentistry are very common among the senior public. The mutual insurance company that will offer the most advantageous contract for routine care will be Apicil.

And for a young person?

A person with a young profile will undoubtedly seek the cheapest offer  and he will be able to find what he is looking for with different insurers such as Miltis or LMP (Les households provident).

Which dental health insurance offers the lowest prices?

Dental care can be very expensive. In terms of dental costs, some complementary health insurance promise more extensive guarantees than others and offer low prices.

The best mutual for optical care

The costs charged by opticians on glasses and lenses are generally poorly covered by Social Security. It is essential to have a complementary insurance that provides additional reimbursement.

Each insurer sets its own rate based on the risk you represent.

All you have to do is compare, for example via LeLynx.fr to have direct access to a contract with an optimal level of reimbursement and at the lowest price.

We will take into consideration all the characteristics of the insured : age (senior, young, etc.) or even the need (hospitalization, dental treatment, glasses, rare disease, etc.) to find the insurer offering coverage that corresponds to your expectations.

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